was formed for the direct marketing of interstellar name registries and land deed claims for planetary bodies. As the most advanced authorized agent for intellectual space property, our team of professionals is driven to make your purchase of intellectual space property the most pleasant and rewarding experience. Cosmic Registry is dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest information concerning your purchase as well as special offers brought to you only by  All records of Cosmic Registry will be certified by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Associations, and registered by the International Astronomy Union.

Many online websites claim they are the official suppliers for space real estate and name registrations. There is no such 100% official claim. At best, all land claims or name registrations can be temporarily assigned until further space exploration and/or colonization, in which the discovering entities may stake claim to or rename the intellectual property. The best way to claim your intellectual property for eternity is to hop on a spaceship with your Cosmic Reigistry space passports and officially claim the discoveries and colonization for yourself.

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